why we need a multi-vitamin supplement drink
Scientific Research indicates the need for a MultiVitamin Supplement in our daily diet if we want to have a chance of staving off disease. It is essential for maximising our vitality and for enjoying a long and healthy life.TWO LARGE PROBLEMS ARE AFFECTING OUR WORLD. Water quality decline – Your body may be getting an imbalance amount of something. For example; The removal of magnesium in water filter may leave many of us deficient. The methods we use today for producing water have created some significant changes in our H2O mineral content.The change of soil – Farming around the world has been profit focused, which has led to a depleted soil that lacks essential nutrition and vitamin content.  Although the earth does get nutrients from the fertiliser, those ingredients do not nourish our bodies. What is even more damaging is those plants do not come directly from the earth and onto our plates. The nutrients get wasted away from sitting on the shelves and trucks for long periods of time which removes a lot of the goodness that is left.


Even the most healthy living people can be quite shocked when their daily nutritional intake is analysed. Even the most health-conscious individuals are struggling to ensure they are feeding their bodies the right VITAMINS, the right amount of VITAMINS and if they are benefitting from those VITAMINS due to the ambiguous bioavailability. (malabsorption)The majority of citizens of “Well Fed” countries can be considered “Over Fed” but “Under Nourished” thus causing many of the diseases we find in our world today. Over-farming of land, genetically modified produce, pesticides, poor diets and fast foods can all be identified as the causes of this malnutrition epidemic.DeLaVie as a Vitamin supplements fills in the gap where your diet falls short.Ageing can result in fewer vitamins being absorbed into the body, while studies on seemingly healthy people found malabsorption of foods to be a direct cause of vitamin depletion.


La Boisson DeLaVie – The Drink of Life

DeLaVie is known as the drink of life as it is a complete solution to vitamin delivery to our human bodies in a delicious Vitamin Drink . With a full suite of vitamins that include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12 and Swiss Alpine Herbs that include MALLOW LEAF (MALVEA FOLIUM), BERGAMOT MINT (MENTHA CITRATA) and HYSSOP (HYSSOPUS OFFICINALIS)


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Vegan Vitamin B12

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