DeLaVie is a delicious and functional non-carbonated thirst-quenching liquid Vitamin Drink. It is enriched with vitamins and Swiss Alpine Herbs. The Sugars in DeLaVie are sourced from Fruits juice concentrates, Carbohydrates and some natural cane sugar.

DeLaVie is an excellent Multi-Vitamin Supplement that you can enjoy.

The Swiss Laboratory desired to make a drink that was appealing to old and young people. The aim is to provide an enjoyable drink that would help in the healthy functioning of the body while tasting delicious.

The Ingredients are sourced from only the most reputable places and can boast VEGAN certification.

Absorption is the key – DeLaVie is Unique in its ability to deliver Vitamin to our bodies in a way that we can absorb them. This absorption is achieved by combining “complementing vitamins” in the correct dosages and having them in a liquid ready to drink format.

Less sugar than a soft drink was a desire while remaining tasty. Note – a low Sugar DeLaVie is coming shortly.

DeLaVie is a Complete Multi-Vitamin Drink

In a ready to drink 250mL can. It’s the easy way to get 100% of your body’s daily vitamin needs.  DeLaVie’s 100% Complete Multivitamin Drink is delicious all natural fruity flavour. It is a tasty way to get 100% of your daily vitamins on the go.

Feel confident you are getting 100% or more of the vitamins your body needs each day.

vitamin list of content in DeLaVie


Vitamin B12 is vital to all humans and is a vitamin that needs to be often ingested and in small doses. Lack of Vitamin B12 can have effects that are not desirable, and long-term B12 depletion can be harmful.
Vegans, Vegetarians are particularly susceptible to Vitamin B12 deficiency and need to take a liquid multivitamin that contains B12 in it. We believe the best liquid Vitamin that B12 in its ingredients is DeLaVie as it is easy for the body to consume.


There are many vitamin water products on the Australian market shelves and online, but there are none that, we believe, can compare with DeLaVie.
DeLaVie is backed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute who endorse the MultiVitamin content of the of this liquid vitamin water DeLaVie. Furthermore, Swiss Lab has combined modern technology and traditional Swiss Herbal remedies to create a product that is genuinely unique, due to how DeLaVie delivers vitamins in an absorbable formula.
Swiss Laboratory Australia KNOWS VITAMINS ARE IMPORTANT and has a desire to make this Vitamin water accessible, reliable, convenient and affordable. Thus we offer DeLaVie vitamin water in wholesale and bulk order formats.



Contains high amounts of Vitamin C

Contains Vitamin A