Vitamins in DeLaVie

DeLaVie is a highly functional daily vitamin drink that is conveniently packaged in a 250ml recyclable can. It is the perfect multivitamin drink if you are someone who is on the go and leads a full and active lifestyle.

For those who are looking for high nutrition drinks, DeLaVie is the drink for you. DeLaVie is a liquid multivitamin drink that has formulated to help your body absorb the liquid vitamins you are feeding your body. Our ranges of DeLaVie drinks are healthy vitamin drinks that taste good and deliver your body its liquid vitamins.

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La Boisson DeLaVie has a unique range of B vitamins, C and Swiss alpine herbs that can help you with things such as mental alertness and physical energy to get you through the day without putting any nasties into your body. With all natural ingredients, our range of DeLaVie is approved by the Swiss Vitamin Institute for its healthy vitamin drinks.

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The liquid vitamin C that this found in DeLaVie can aid your body in combatting so many ailments that we face day to day.

DeLaVie can also be found under the food supplement drinks range because of its high volume of liquid vitamins. Because our diet can longer give us the vitamins and nutrients our body needs, The Swiss Laboratory has created this multivitamin drink to feed your body.
So what are multivitamins and why do we need them?

DeLaVie Drink
Multivitamins often combine vitamins, minerals and sometimes food supplements in either a tablet, capsule or liquid form. Multivitamin supplements are usually generalists in their focus as they tend to aim their attention to support specific health needs such as hair, skin, joint health, eyesight etc.


The benefits of taking a liquid multivitamin are countless because our body needs such a vast collection of nutrients on a daily basis to function at its peak performance. This will include everything from micronutrients such as A, B and C and the critical minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc that both men and woman need, and then all the way up to macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fat. This is why drinking healthy vitamin drinks is assuring your body is getting what it needs.

As westerners, we often miss out on the essential vitamins and minerals in our diet because we consume energy-dense foods that are lacking in nutrients. If we are vitamin or mineral deficient, it can lead to disorders such as rickets, anaemia and scurvy.
If you were to choose La Boisson DeLaVie as your daily multivitamin drink, you can eliminate the risks of illnesses and boost your health.

Studies have discovered that if a woman was to take multivitamins for more than 15 years, she reduces the risk of developing precancerous growths in the large intestine. If a woman takes adequate folate, she may lower the risk of coronary heart disease. DeLaVie is a multivitamin drink that contains folic acid (which is a synthetic form of folate) and is known to lower the risk of breast cancer in a woman who drinks alcohol.