La Boisson DeLaVie “, The Drink of Life,” is a Vegan certified Vitamin Enriched Drink that contains a daily dose of life-supporting vitamins. Of particular interest to Vegans is the Vitamin B12 content.At Swiss Laboratory Australia, we encourage and equip (with the right nutrition) people to consider a vegan or a vegetarian diet for the animals, for the environment, and for their health.SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE VEGANS DON’T NEED SUPPLEMENTS Our research leads us to believe that ALL people need supplements. There is a particular need for Vegan Vitamin B12 with vegans as there is no other way for them to get the regular intake through a plant-based diet.

Vegetarians do not eat meat or animal flesh while Vegans choose not to eat any product that is derived from an animal which includes dairy, eggs, fur, leather, they also exclude products that have been involved in animal testing.

It is the next level to vegetarians. Veganism has many communal and personal benefits. These can be highlighted under the banner of a “cruelty-free lifestyle” and include environmental benefits, animal welfare, and a healthy lifestyle.


For our consumer’s peace of mind Swiss Laboratory has gone to extreme lengths to ensure its products comply with Certified Vegan Standards.To be considered for Vegan Certification we needed to prove.DeLaVie has no meat products.DeLaVie has no fish products,DeLaVie has no poultry products,DeLaVie has no animal by-products,DeLaVie has no eggs or egg products,DeLaVie has no milk or milk products,DeLaVie has no honey or honey by-products,DeLaVie has no insects or products from insects such as silk or dyes, DeLaVie has no sugar that has been filtered using bone char.The DeLaVie Liquids have not be filtered or clarified with animal products.DeLaVie or any of its ingredients or suppliers of ingredients have not been produced using any animal testing.DeLaVie does not contain any GMO’s, and certainly, no animal derived GMO’sSwiss Laboratory ensures that surfaces and utensils in its state of the art manufacturing facility in Europe are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and that no cross-contamination of animal products are on them.CLICK HERE TO SEE VEGAN.ORG PAGE

Vegan Vitamin B12

DeLaVie IS AN IDEAL WAY FOR VEGANS TO GET VITAMIN B12 DeLaVie is a Vegan multivitamin supplement drink that contains Vitamin B12 that is impossible to get from a plant-based diet. DeLaVie contains ve… INGREDIENTS,VEGAN,Vitamins in DeLaVie dietary supplement,Multivitamin Supplements,vegan B12,Vegan Multivitamin,Vegan Supplements,Vegan Vitamin drink,vegan vitamins Read More


DeLaVie is a Vegan Certified MultiVitamin Supplement Drink that contains many Vegan Vitamins that are ideal for Vegans and Vegetarians to supplement vitamins like B12. INGREDIENTS,Supplement Info,VEGAN VEGAN,vegan B12,Vegan Multivitamin,Vegan Supplements,vegan vitamins Read More