Bergamot Mint (Mentha Cirata)

Swiss Laboratory sources the finest herbs and vitamins to formulate this revolutionary product called La Boisson DeLavie (The Drink of Life). Bergamot Mint, also known as Mentha Cirata, water mint, Mentha aquatica is in DeLaVies formula because of its perceived benefits as a herb.
Native to Europe, North West Africa and south-west Asia, bergamot mint is a perennial flowering plant in the mint family that grows in moist places. DeLaVie has sourced its Bergamot mint from the Swiss Alps.


Bergamot mint is known as an anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antispasmodic, tonic and stimulant. Its primary use is for fragrance but is known for being used for muscle spasms, intestinal parasites, flatulence, irritable bowel and traumatic pain. Treating oily and acne prone skin is another way bergamot mint aids the body because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
The immune system benefits from the herb which also helps calm inflammation and clearing mucus and congestion. In addition to this, it offers respiratory support. It is beneficial to the digestive system which aids soothe upset stomachs, travel sickness and nausea.
Along with hyssop and mallow leaf, bergamot mint is the third herb found in DeLaVie. The Swiss Laboratory has taken its time to formulate this revolutionary drink so that all ingredients, including the vitamins, compliment each other and deliver to your body the best nutrition possible.

Swiss Alpine Herbs vitamins with swiss pattern in background