VITAMIN C is in DeLaVie

Swiss Laboratory have created DeLaVie Vitamin Supplement Drink with 1000Mlg of Vitamin C to boost the immune system

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid.

Vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant; its overall function is to contribute to the bodies ability to form and maintain “connective tissue”, that includes bones, our skin and blood vessels.

What Are The Signs You Need More Vitamin C?

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  1. Blood from your gums after brushing?
  2. Sore, swollen or sensitive gums?.
  3. Are wounds slow to heal?.
  4. Is your hair quality reducing? (split ends)?
  5. Is your skin rough or dry?
  6. Do you suffer from nosebleeds?
  7. Do you get every cold or bug going around?.
  8. Pain or swelling in your joints?.
  9. Unexplained weight gain?.

What is the best way to get Vitamin C

Quality fruit and vegetables is a start, but we believe the best way to get all vitamins are in a liquid format and daily doses. Our body cannot store many of the vitamins and requires regular intake.

La Boisson DeLaVie is a MultiVitamin liquid vitamin drink supplement that has vitamins A-C-E-B3-B5-B6-B7-B9-B12 and Swiss Alpine Herbs.

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There are many Benefits of Vitamin C

Heart Health – Vitamin C – Better than Excercise?

There have been several studies to indicate that higher Vitamin C intake could be directly related to reduced risk of heart disease.
There are even studies to say that Vitamin C is as good as exercise in regards to the health of your heart. I hear you say WHAT? – Yes – the humble vitamin C could be as good as exercise – Vitamin C is the active ingredient in fighting a protein called endothelin-1, this protein is responsible for the constriction of small blood vessels. Construction of blood vessels is the cause of Heart attacks.

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Vitamin C helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Studies support the involvement of Vitamin C in keeping arteries flexible which in turn reduces blood pressure. When we are under physical or emotional stress, our arteries expand to increase oxygen delivery to the body via the blood flow.
Johns Hopkins Medicine released a report that stated, “large doses of vitamin C can lower blood pressure”.
Vitamin C in high doses gets the kidneys to excrete more salt and water which in turn reduces pressure on blood vessel walls.
Nitric Oxide – This is proven to help the blood vessels to relax, and Vitamin C helps our body to ensure it has adequate levels of this molecule.
Daily supplements of 500mL or more of Vitamin C can be directly linked to reducing blood pressure by 4 points.

Vitamins in DeLaVie

Vitamin C Boosts our Immune System.

For many of us, We have grown up with our parents dosing us up with vitamin C at the first sign of a sniffle. Nowadays people reach for antibiotics.
Vitamin C is responsible for the strength of our immune system. Allergies and infections by increasing T-cell proliferation in response to the infection
Although more research is required, vitamin C has been found to reduce the duration of the common cold.

Vitamin C in helping with Wound Healing

Studies have shown that with Vitamin supplementation in high doses wound healing time decreased due to the vitamin c improving the synthesised collagen.

Vitamin C Prevents Cancer?

This is a bold claim but universities like Cornell, they have stated that vitamin C halts aggressive colorectal cancer. Many studies done by various laboratories across the world have shown that Vitamin C in high doses has effectively hindered the growth of many cancers including colon & liver cancers.
There are many documented cases of Vitamin C being given intravenously in massive doses to patients that had inoperable cancers that caused a “significant reduction in the volume of a tumour” with no side effects.

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Arthritis and Vitamin C

People with low levels of Vitamin C are shown to be more susceptible to inflammatory arthritis. The Vitamin Foundation states that Vitamin C can aid in the prevention of some arthritis.

Vitamin C and Eye Health

Although cataracts are easily treated, most of us would prefer not to get them. There is evidence to suggest taking Vitamin C supplements can lower the risk of cataracts by up to 20%. Moreover, prevent age-related macular degeneration and visual acuity loss.

Vitamin C Maintains Healthy Gums

Vitamin C Deficiency can directly cause gum disease (gingivitis)

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Vitamin C in the Treatment of Allergies

Vitamin C reduces the number of histamines (a biochemical) released by the body. Histamines are the cause of allergies, that’s why we take antihistamines. It is a reasonable step to suggest that high doses of Vitamin C would be a better alternative than treating the symptoms of allergies.

Vitamin C Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

A study performed in Japan that a high dose vitamin treatment could control diabetes, by the stimulation of the insulin mechanism.
Furthermore, studies have proven that a daily dose of 1000mg of Vitamin C could reduce blood vessel damage and regulate blood sugar levels with patients who have diabetes (type 2)


Vitamin C as a Treatment for Viral Infections

Years ago Vitamin C was used effectively as an antibiotic and was used to treat infectious diseases like viral pneumonia, herpes, mumps and measles.
Studies have shown that Vitamin c is useful in the treatment of glandular fever as it is effective against the condition of having too many white blood cells.

Vitamin C in the Prevention of Stroke

As discussed previously – Vitamin C can help in the reduction of blood pressure, as blood pressure is a direct cause of stroke it reasonable to accredit Vitamin C with Stroke Prevention. Studies show that people with high levels of Vitamin C have a 42% less chance of stroke.

Vitamin C to Fight Depression & Anxiety?

Could this be true? Yes – Vitamin C supplements that are absorbed and used by the body in high amounts have been clinically linked to reduce anxiety and to have an elevating mood effect.

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Vitamin C for Weight Loss?

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to low oxidation of body fat while exercising. You can increase your metabolism with adequate vitamin C.

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Vitamin C – The Original Energy Drink

Studies in Korea have shown that adequate vitamin c intake can reduce fatigue by as much as 55%